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Summer Sipping: Best Flavoured Gin

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

With the arrival of the warmer months there's the promise around the corner of summer sipping moments. Whether that's a Pimm's in the sunshine whilst watching the tennis, an after-work Aperol Spritz in a beer garden or a refreshing G&T at a picnic with friends, it's all about enjoying summer's simple pleasures. And if it's a G&T you're opting for, why keep it classic? Ever since Sipsmith opened its distillery doors over 10 years ago, the Gin category has boomed, and with it the expanse of the flavoured Gin category. From big hitters like Gordon's Pink to growing, independent distilleries, everyone's been trying their hand at flavoured fun.

Now, there's an abundance of options (and colours) out there to experiment with and enjoy on different occasions. The varieties certainly range from the classic to the wacky (read: colour-changing gin) so I've done some of the hard work for you and whittled it down to a few standout flavoured tipples:

Best for: classically British garden parties

Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin 40.4% ABV RRP £29 - launched a few years ago when Great British Bake Off was in its heyday, it's quite simply like drinking a slice of your favourite Lemon Drizzle cake. Zesty with a touch of vanilla, this is summer sipping complete with an indulgent twist. For the best G&T, pair with Mediterranean Tonic Water to match the citrus-y notes and add a flourish of elderflower.

Best for: lazy picnics in the sunshine

Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin 40.5% ABV RRP £34 - independent and family-owned, Penrhos Spirits are made on Penrhos Farm, where the imperfectly perfect fruit that can't be sold to supermarkets is instead put to good use in Gin. The Apple & Elderflower is crafted using wonky apples from the Penrhos orchard and freshly picked elderflower on the farm - it's the feeling of a warm, sunny afternoon in your garden bottled. Delicious in a G&T with an apple garnish, or ideal for a French 75 Twist, bringing floral notes to this widely loved fizz cocktail.

Best for: bbq aperitifs

Malfy Gin Con Arancia Blood Orange 41% ABV RRP £25 - This is a powerhouse of a flavoured Gin. A deep red colour that's inviting and reminiscent of another Italian spritz brand, it's a vibrant and inviting Gin. This is for those Gin enthusiasts who love a bit of complexity, with its depth and bittersweet, citrus-y notes. This G&T calls for your biggest Gin goblet, packed full of ice and garnished with an orange wheel. Or try in a Bellini, for a twist on a classic Italian cocktail. Now all's needed is the riviera weather to match...

Sweet-toothed, bittersweet lover, classic juniper fan, there's a spectrum of flavoured Gins to try that can now all be found firmly on supermarket shelves. So when the sun calls for a refreshing G&T in the garden, put down that bottle of Dry and take the opportunity to start experimenting and discovering your favourite flavours, all in Gin form.

*Little disclosure: I'm lucky enough to work with Penrhos Spirits.

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