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Perfect Pairings - Cocktails and Glassware

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

When it comes to the art of enjoying a cocktail, the whole experience counts. A limp garnish in a delicious drink or a warm glass, when you're expecting it to be cold to the touch, can all dampen the enjoyment. And glassware is not to be underestimated either.

Who hasn't smiled at the silliness of a tiki cup containing a soon-to-be imbibed rum cocktail or enjoyed the festive colours of a copper mule mug. In certain cases glassware is intrinsically linked with its cocktail counterpart. Think Martini and Highball glasses. And of course, it's not just the material and the mould, it's also what comes with the glassware. Where would a Margarita be without a salty rim?

So here's a handy quick guide to five basic cocktail glassware and the typical cocktails they act as vessels for. Remember though, even though it's the way things have traditionally been done, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a G&T in a wine glass, or rum punch from a coupe.

Hurricane Glass - Think Piña Coladas when you think of hurricane glasses. They're tall with a curve, and were created for the Hurricane cocktail. These are perfect for mixed drinks and frozen cocktails, and look great with an exciting garnish on top. With a retro vibe, it's time to reach for those cocktail cherries.

Martini Glass - Clue is in the name with this one. Around since the early 20th Century, the back story goes it was created as a modern twist on a coupe glass (more on that shortly). Whilst it's great for serving Martinis, it's also become home to contemporary Martini-takes, e.g. Espresso Martini. And it's seen often in the hands of 4 famous New Yorkers enjoying a Cosmopolitan.

Coupe (pictured below) - Probably most likely now engrained in culture from The Great Gatsby with Leonardo Di Caprio, this is the classic Champagne glass. Despite the popular drink myth that they were modelled on Marie Antoinette's breasts, there's no real evidence to back this up. Making a return in the cocktail bars of today, the coupe is a nod to old glamour. Today it's now home to Porn Star Martinis, Champagne cocktails and often even Margaritas.

Highball Glass - Tall and slim, this is a bar staple for any budding at-home drinks enthusiast. Whether it's a refreshing G&T, a Whisky Highball or a Bloody Mary, it's a versatile option that comes with loads of different designs. Engraved, fluted, weighted, there are multiple ways to bring a touch of excitement to this classic glass.

Tumbler - Short and fat, this is the Highball's opposite. Think Negronis, Old Fashioneds and Brambles for the tumbler. Ideal for drinks that need stirring in-situ, with its wide base, and beautiful for adding a garnish to. Tumblers also allow for experimentation with ice cubes. This is where those shaped round ice cubes and big blocks can come out to play.

The only question to ask yourself now is, what's missing on your drinks trolley? And if you're thinking of investing in a few more statement pieces, look no further than The Vintage List to start building out your glassware collection.

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