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Is this Farnham's Best Kept Secret?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Published: Inside Farnham, July 2022

Approaching The Mixing Glass’ facade, without knowing what awaits behind, it’d be all too

simple to walk straight past the speakeasy style windows and miss this gem entirely (which is exactly what I did the first time round). When the door was finally located and I stepped inside this newly opened cocktail bar, I was reminded of the reason why first impressions count.

With its velvety, welcoming décor, you feel instantly transported into a world of vintage Art Deco glamour. The atmosphere is cosy without being stuffy and lively without being overwhelming. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the 1920s-esque writing table and typewriter by the front door, to the jazzy music setting the scene.

And the drinks menu is simply fantastic. It’s full of twists on existing classics that pay tribute to the roaring 1920s. The Bootlegger is a superb take on a Mojito, long and refreshing with a picture-worthy pink hue. Cat’s Pyjamas is the team’s vibrant, blue interpretation of a Piña Colada, finished with a colour-contrasting orange wheel garnish. Celebrating? The menu features a beautiful selection of fizz cocktails. In particular, the Sweet Kiss is an elegant, elderflower-led choice, that’s light, fruity and floral.

This is the place to kick-start your night with world-class aperitifs and sharing nibbles, or finish it off with a nightcap. What a treat to have this beautiful bar now open, along with The Wine Yard, which has also recently launched in town. Thanks to the arrival of both these establishments, the drinks scene in Farnham is stepping-up and, after a rocky few years, it’s wonderful to see these local spots flourishing.

The downside to The Mixing Glass? It’s only open between Thursdays - Saturdays. Hopefully with more cocktail enthusiasts walking through the doors in the coming months, they’ll continue to expand the opening hours. But, for now, make sure to book-in a visit to try these top tipples for yourself and discover Farnham’s best kept secret…though I bet it won’t be kept quiet for long.

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