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How Do Tou Take Your Tea - with Milk, or in Cocktails?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Coffee in cocktails might be something you're very familiar with. The modern classic, Espresso Martini, has made quite the name for itself. And with the likes of Guinness getting involved with the recent launch of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Guinness, this little caffeine bean is firmly established in the world of 'hard' drinks.

But what about tea? And no, not Long Island Iced Tea, but actual tea in tipples. From Royal Tea Cocktails to Hot Chai Toddies to 'Hard' Peach Tea, there's no end to the creativity that can be infused with a simple dose of tea leaves. The Jubilee celebrations are just around the corner in the UK so there seems to be no better time than to get a little bit fancy with two great British cultural institutions - tea and boozing. We've also all been upping our high tea game at home, as searches for 'Tea Party Aesthetic" have been rising on Pinterest. So, without further ado, here are a few delicious tea cocktail recipes to try your hand at.

First up, the Earl Grey MarTEAni. This requires a little bit of preparation to infuse your Gin of choice with your favourite Earl Grey Tea Leaves. Once that prep step is out of the way you're onto a simple, 3 step recipe to mix-up a Martini with a real twist. Try this recipe here over on PUNCH.

For another take on a cocktail classic, there's the Mint Julep Iced Tea. Suitable for those with a sweeter tooth, and bringing together American and British styles. This one calls for Bourbon, Mint Leaves, Ice, Lemon, Lime and Sweetened Tea. It can be muddled all together in a large jug, perfect for whipping-up at a sunny BBQ. This recipe at Imbibe takes you through the method in a few quick steps.

And if you still want your tea hot, why not try a Vanilla Chai Hot Toddy? Best enjoyed warm whilst cosying up on the sofa after a long walk outdoors, this one's for the spicy, Rum lovers. Make sure you have a few heatproof glass mugs at home. Garnishes can span from star anise to cinnamon sticks or whatever gets you feeling truly indulgent. Preparation takes a little longer for the toddy, but it's easy enough to brew-up. Tesco actually has a brilliant recipe, and it can be made using their Chai Tea bags for ease.

The best bit about experimenting with tea and cocktails is also the fun you can have with the glassware and presentation. Think Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups, and kitsch tea cups. Martinis in mugs? Toddies in tea cups? It's a dream trend for interiors lovers and cocktail aficionados alike.

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