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Ever Wondered What a Copywriter Actually Does?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

A friend of mine asked the other day what being a copywriter means. She thought it meant to be responsible for the copyright of a product. Which is completely understandable, given the word. But it made me think, for a role that's centred around clear communication, isn't it ironic that 'copywriter' is not clear at all?

This is also reflected when people are searching for one. On Google, the top search terms are, 'what exactly does a copywriter do' and 'the role of a copywriter.' So I thought that'd be a good place to start with my first blog. I'm going to give you an overview of what exactly it involves and why you might be in need of one.

Simply, a copywriter creates text for advertising and marketing needs. The end goal is to encourage a potential consumer to take action. That might be buying a product, following a social page or heading to a website. In short, it doesn't end on the page. Good copy will inspire you to take action.

You might be able to find us lurking in expensive coffee shops, but it's not all low-fi Spotify playlists and plant-based lattes. As a freelance copywriter, you may work independently and, at other times, as part of a team. It's about flexibility, to meet the needs and deadlines of brands.

The breadth of work is vast (which is what I love about it). One day you might be supporting a new website, the next crafting a compelling line for a new product. Everywhere you look there's branded copy around you. When you're browsing products on the food shop, it's copy that will often grab you and nudge you to reach for the shelf. Thumb-stopping, tightly-written content wins on Instagram. And of course, there are the classic billboards and slogans. Who could forget the future's bright, the future's orange? When it's memorable, it's often iconic.

That's why brands that work with copywriters benefit. When there's a lot of white noise you have to cut through. Of course, anyone can write. But, for the sake of comparison, anyone can run too. And I can tell you there's a difference between Mo Farah's achievements and my plod around the park. No one will be signing up to a marathon or eating Quorn after watching my weekly jog. The same can be said of engaging copy, and copy that does the job.

And this is exactly how a copywriter can help your brand. It can take your brand's voice from meh to memorable. In need of a clear tone of voice in a crowded market? Stumbling over your USP? Think your website could be ranking better? Then a copywriter should be your next stop.

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