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A Farm Shop with a Difference

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Published: Vantage Point Magazine, October 2022

Today in the UK there are more than 1,000 farm shops, with around ⅓ of those having opened in the last 10 years. From weekend trips to simply wanting to buy local, whatever the reason, there’s been a real rise in our love for charming farm shops around the country.

And in Surrey we’re lucky to have one of the best. Nestled away in Grayshott, Applegarth’s history starts back in 1976, with the purchase of land to start growing fruit & vegetables by husband and wife team, John and Stephanie Benson. Today, it’s still family-owned and has transformed into a buzzing cultural hub. Complete with a wonderful restaurant, open-fire cooking, cabins hosting local artists and even vertical tower growing innovation, it’s a hive of activity. And the jewel in the Applegarth crown? It has to be the cookery school.

Running throughout the year and featuring courses including everything from Thai cooking to Pâtisserie, there’s an abundance of choice. Coming up later this month is Cooking with Cheese on Saturday 29th October, teaching you how to make a quiche alsace, roasted cheese polenta cubes and more.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little bit different for a special meal, Applegarth is a perfect option. And for the gifting early birds, they offer Cookery School vouchers ideal for an experiential Christmas gift.

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